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Finally, a short video by Italian filmmaker Aldo Ricci.  The video is in Italian and has English subtitle. C300 VS Maserati, good challenge.

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Canon C300 Review

Check out this great review by P. Bloom

For my part as DP, I had to decide which camera I was going to shoot this on, how to shoot it, and what I needed to achieve this. I decided upon the C300? well first off it is my newest camera and I really wanted to see it pushed in this situation. I was looking at the F3 which would have worked great, but for me this camera made more sense. Especially as its the EF version and there would be some hand held work. Those IS lenses are a dream for that. 

I had been using the Canon EOS 5D Mark II for a lot of my documentaries and narrative experimental work. (…) I think Canon was the first to understand what they had created for filmmakers in the DSLR market, and then to push that beyond its boundaries into new areas. for a long time I had been waiting for something I would be comfortable shooting movies with that didn't use film. The EOS C300 camera was what I had been waiting for. I have heard over filmmakers praise the EOS C300 camera, and everything I saw from it was extraordinary. Plus, I'd be able to use my canon EF lenses with the EOS C300 camera. As soon as the EOS C300 camera became amiable I bought one, and it has exceeded my expectations. I have been shooting with it ever since and its basically been my workhorse, the camera I hope to shoot with every single time I go out. There were a lots of things that we did with the EOS C300 camera for no place on earth that were in environments that were so difficult to shoot in that we could not have physically or logistically done them with a larger digital cinematography camera especially one requiring assistants. The EOS C300 camera provides a small, almost DSLR- Like shape and structure, which is highly portable and manoeuvrable, and yet it gives you a sensor that can match those of the larger digital cinema camera.

The utility of the C300 in shooting documentary is well known. 

Rick Gershon made the film surviving the peace: Angola, documenting the problem of people in Angola, still struggling with land mines 10 years after the end of the civil war. About the C300 he says ( Source: motionvfx)