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Cinemecanix C1 Pro-Rig

CCC is now offering C1 Pro Rig, it is made for heavy duty as well as light cameras such as Arri Alexa , C300, Red, DSLR and so on...



We have already tested the shoulder rig with so many cameras, and it has never put us down.  It is light, manoeuvres well and it is very comfortable.  


This is a handmade rig made by a fellow based in Montreal, he has put so many hours of thoughts and Knowledge into this. 


When I first had it on, I felt it was fit for my shoulder, I could have both of my hands off of the rig   and the camera wouldn't move. This means the rig has been designed in a way that you would not feel you have a camera on your shoulder. In my Idea as a cinematographer this is a great advantage especially for longer shoots where you don't have time to put the camera down and take it back up.  


The other advantage is that I could replace the handles all around the rig which means, I could do a low angle shot with it without holding the top handle.  


In addition there is a built in V-mount plate where you could have your battery plus add more wait and balance the rig more.  You could also adjust the pad angle to suit the smaller or larger shoulders. I can make the pad wider when I have a big jacket on during the snow time, and make it narrower when I'm wearing a shirt. 


Also the built in Rods, which is such a great advantage for people who are planning on having Matt-box and follow focus set up on the rig, then you don't need additional parts, such as baseplate and rods.  Everything is in one unit which makes the job easier. 


Lastly, I would recommend you to come in to our office to try out the rig closely and get a better feel of it.