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RED Scarlet vs Canon 5D Mark III RAW

After the 4k Blackmagic Cinema camera was announced this year and majority shocked filmmakers looking for low cost high quality tools, along came the 5D mark III Raw functionality in the form of Magic Lanterns recent firmware hacking achievements and provides a valid affordable RAW alternative. 

Here's filmmaker Ryan Lightbourn's comparison between the 5D Mark III a professional established RAW camera, the Red Scarlet-X. 

If you haven't done so already, please watch this short , beautiful piece of professional camera work, give this man some likes and download the source footage HERE.

This is what he says: 

The power lines aren't aliasing in the 5D Mark III footage as some have noted.  They are painted with black & white stripes.  Shot back & forth between the two cameras on the same day.  Minor grading done in ACR & RCX to match contrast. No sharpness added. Scarlet footage shot in 4K, downscaled 50% to 1080P. 

Lenses used: Tokina 11-16 & Zeiss 25mm 2.8 ( both with format 1.2ND) 

My thought browsing through the raw footage: Scarlet has slightly more of a filmic/pro look ( maybe due to having more dynamic range overall? ) and a slight edge and sharpness.  5D raw has less noise, and holds more detail in the shadows. Download 1080p version for a better comparison. 

Song: Hans Zimmer - Time 

The price different between these cameras is currently as follows: The canon 5D mark III with kit lens, required SD card and a fast CF card is around $4300.00 The basic RED Scarlet-X package offers less storage, less battery life, lacks the lens and is still $10,000.00 more than Canon Package.

The scarlet certainly has advantages like the capability to record in 4k and a more secure and professional end result, but has some other important downsides towards the 5D mark III. 

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RED Scarlet X Review 

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