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Sachtler Ace M Tripod

Easyrig 8-18KG

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Sachtler V20 Tripod

Freefly MōVI​ M5

VariZoom Shoulder Rig

Western Dolly 

Camera Support

Dji Ronin M Gimbal 

     Camera and Studio Rentals

​ Camera Support

Freefly MōVI​ M15

Kessler Slider "Pocket Dolly"

Manfrotto 502HD 525mvb Legs

Cinevate Duzy 4

Camtree Shoulder Rig

Manfrotto 504HD Head  Carbon Fiber Tripod

Hi Hat + Matthew's Octagon

Ready Rig ProArms

Ronin M Toronto Rental

Porta Jib Kit 


Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday              9am - 6pm

Saturday - Sunday           Open for booking only 

CamMate Jib 

C1 Pro Rig


Matthews  Doorway Dolly 

Camera Support

Dana Dolly 

Cinevate 5' Slider

Dana Dolly Toronto Rental

Dji Ronin Pro Gimbal 

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Toronto Ronin Rental

Ronin 2

Manfrotto Head