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With an onboard flywheel added and stability increased, the Duzi 4 is the result of Cinevate's pursuit to perfect its most lightweight and compact slider. The Duzi 4 supports up to 100 lb loads, and offers smooth and consistent slides for even lighter cameras thanks to the flywheel.

The flywheel adds inertial dampening, providing a degree of resistance that allows for more control. The flywheel also brings about better stability and precision. It's integrated on the bottom of the slider carriage, with a wider design for a thinner overall profile. Accordingly, the Duzi was also redesigned to be an inch wider, providing for a more stable system.

The Duzi 4 is a roller-bearing slider made of hardened aluminum and stainless steel, and featuring solid carbon fiber rails. It comes with six non-scratch, micro-adjustable urethane ball feet, with two on each end as well as two on the slider carriage. The two on the slider carriage attach slightly to the side, are suspended, and provide additional support for heavier loads. The Duzi 4 also supports the dedicated All Terrain Legs, sold separately, which are designed specifically for it. These legs are highly adjustable and capable of compensating for uneven surfaces.

Key Features 

Onboard flywheel
Solid carbon fiber rails
100 lb payload
Micro adjusting urethane ball feet, including two for center-mounting
Integrated bumpers on end blocks
Integrated bubble level
Eight precision roller bearings
Center and side-mounting tripod options
Lock easily secures the camera anywhere on the rails
Cheesed-out top and bottom plates
Compatible with Modo motion time-lapse system

Cinevate Duzy 4 Camera Slider

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