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By renting equipment from Canuck Camera Corp. you (the lessee) agree to the following terms:

-A signed rental agreement along with 2 forms of identification must be presented before a rental period commences.  The individual picking up the gear must be the lessee unless prior approval from Canuck Camera Corp is arranged and rental requirements fulfilled.  All ID photocopies will be held in a secure server and not released to the public.  The lessee may request their documentation be kept on file for future rentals or destroyed upon return of gear and condition is deemed satisfactory. 

-An insurance certificate listing “Canuck Camera Corp” as the loss payee/additionally insured must be issued prior to the rental period.

-Product availability is not guarantee until a non-refundable reservation deposit of up to %50 of the total rental fee is received.  The reservations deposit will officially secure your rental and prevent others from booking your desired gear/dates.

-A security deposit equivalent to the value of the insurance deductible will be charged in the form of a credit card hold for the rental period.

-The rental period commences when the gear is picked up (after 3pm) and terminates when the gear is returned (before 11am).

-The lessee agrees to return all rental items (including small accessories not listed on in the Rental Agreement) promptly at the end of the rental period and in good working order.

-The lessee agrees to pay for any damages to or loss of rental equipment as well as the daily rental rate until equipment is repaired and returned in proper working condition.  The lessee agrees to make monetary compensation within 30 days of the rental return. 

-Canuck Camera Corp retains ownership of all rental equipment and the right to end a rental if not returned when requested or not paid for in full before rental period.

-The lessee will cover any expenses incurred to recover merchandise not promptly returned when requested.

-Canuck Camera Corp. may change rental rates at any time prior to a rental period and without notice.  An active rental will not be charged additionally for fee alterations done during a rental period.

-All weekend rentals will be charged at 1.3 times the daily rate (ie weekend savings are 35% per day over weekday daily rates).

-The lessee must inspect all gear and ensure their order is complete and in good working order before removing gear from Canuck Camera Corp.

-Canuck Camera Corp. assumes no responsibility for damage to recorded materials or other liabilities of any kind resulting from the use or malfunction of the equipment.  However, Canuck Camera Corp. will provide free in-house training on all rentals if requested.

-Upon returning rental gear, lessee acknowledges that all recorded material remaining on memory cards will be erased in preparation for the next rental client.  Canuck Camera Corp is not responsible for recorded materials improperly stored or retrieved.

-Canuck Camera Corp may post pictures, comments and/or videos to their website and social media platforms for use free of charge with the prior consent of the production company/client.