RT Motion Follow Focus

RT Motion Systems is a small but fast growing, UK based company that is advancing rapidly in the Remote Lens Control market. Along with leading steadicam partners MK-V, RT Motion is really creating a storm with the new MK3.1 which is gaining praise for its lightweight yet robust design and rock solid FHSS wireless technology. Perfect for professionals who need to keep light and mobile.

As one of the first to use brushless motor technology, RT Motion Motors give unparalleled smoothness, reduced noise and four-times increased service life than brushed motors. The modern smart-motor form factor has enabled the smallest lightest receiver on the market, with 3-axis control as standard.

  • MK3.1 Controller, comes with white disc, force-joystick upgrade optional.
  • MK3.1 Receiver
  • 1x MK3.1 Motor, comes with: 19mm rod bracket, 15mm bushing, right-angle cable, 0.8mod gear.
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • System Manual
  • Explorer case with custom foam

Receiver Requires:

A power source, 10-17V DC

A power cable (Hirose HR10)



RT Motion Follow Focus


$   145

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