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Kino Flo VistaBeam 610 DMX Center Mount Kit (120VAC)

The Kino Flo VistaBeam 610 DMX Center Mount Kit features a fluorescent fixture that delivers the equivalent brightness of a 6000 watt tungsten spacelight, while drawing only 10 Amps of power. It is DMX ready, and offers individual lamp remote dimming control of its 6 tubes, from your dimmer board. Individual dimmer units are also available, for local dimming control.

When fitted with 6- F96/CFL compact, single-ended fluorescent tubes (available separately), this fixture will provide 130 footcandles from a distance of 10 feet. This kit includes a center mount, and heavy duty shipping case.

Suitable for Video 
The internal ballast is flicker-free and totally silent

Shipping Case 
Heavy duty reinforced wheeled case holds the VistaBeam 610 Center fluorescent fixture, cables and accessories

Light Shapers 
An integral reflector, gel frame and 90° louver are included to aid in altering the color and spread of the light.

Stackable design makes storage and transport easier


Vista Beam