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Wasp 1000


$  220.00





Hive’s Wasp 1000 is the brightest light you can plug into any wall socket.  It is safe to use on a standard U.S. 15amp circuit, requiring only 9.5amps.  Two Wasp 1000s can be plugged into a 120V 20 Amp circuit.  The Wasp 1000 has a full spectrum 98 CRI with daylight color temperature of 5600K.  The Wasp 1000 offers electronic dimming control from full output down to 50%.  Like all Hive Lighting products, the Wasp 1000 is completely flicker-free at any frame rate, shutter angle or combination, making it the perfect light for all slow-motion “high speed” production.

Hive Lighting’s Wasp 1000 pairs a single-point source 1000W plasma bulb with a mirror coated parabolic reflector to create a tight powerful beam, perfect for high output, long throw applications as well as being used with diffusion, soft boxes, bounce cards and reflectors. The Wasp 1000 has comparable output to 1,800 watt and 2,500 watt HMI lights or up to 10,000 watts of Tungsten. At fifty feet away, the Wasp 1000 provides an F16 at spot and an F4/5.6 at flood for a camera with an 800 ISO.

The Wasp 1000 weighs only 21.5 lbs. in the head, and uses standard 13.5” accessories.  The Wasp 1000 has a dual “baby”
receiver / “junior” pin and can be used on stands with a 16mm
(5/8”) “baby” pin or a 28.5mm (1 1/8”) junior receiver.Type your paragraph here.

WASP 1000

Hive Wasp 1000 Plasma Par